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Kroma is a Khmer scarf


Kroma is a Khmer scarf which is made of silk or cotton. Khmer people use it every day. It is part of Cambodian people life. Korma is used throughout the country from rural area to city. Khmer people get vast benefits of it. They are small and easy to take with them anywhere and anytime. There are many different ways that Khmer people use the Kroma.

Many Cambodian people use it as bath towel when they change clothes or when they take shower. In dry season, the weather is hot and full of sunlight, people use the Kroma for keeping them away from sunlight. When they go outside under direct sunlight, they always wear it to cover their head and body. When people work in hot weather or under the sunlight for a long time, they will get wet and sweat, so they use it to dry their body. People also use Kroma as hand fan to keep them cold.

During rainy season, the weather is a little bit cool so many people use the Kroma as blanket to keep them warm. Moreover, when they have a cold and running nose, they use it to stop running nose. Some tailors and seamstresses make clothes from the Kroma. The Clothes which is made of the Kroma is not so popular at the moment, but they try to do it and make it better and better. The Kroma is not only used for producing clothes but also used for making something else such as small bag, lady bag, wallet, hanky, ties and others.

Many people usually take the Kroma with them where ever they go. When they want to sleep for a while, they use it as pillow or carpet. It gives them a very comfortable sleep. In the rural area, for children, their parents use it to make hammock for them. It is quick and easy to make small hammock. Kids enjoy sleeping on hammock which made from the Kroma.

Using Kroma to carry things is convenient. People like to pack their stuff such as foods, fruits, and vegetables in it. Moreover, they use it to tie something together. Some people like to carry or hold something on their head so they use it as supporter. For example, when they hold a hard and heavy vegetable like pumpkin on their head, it is not easy to put it on a head so they use it in the middle of the heir head and vegetable.

In brief, Kroma is one of the most popular products in Cambodia which majority of Khmer people use every day. The Kroma gives a lot of benefits to Cambodia people. Khmer people love the Kroma very much.